YSR Congress to Vote against BJP Candidate for Post of Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman
For the polls regarding Rajya Sabha deputy chairman post, YSR Congress has decided that it would vote against the candidate of BJP.

As there stands to be a mixed bag of opinions on holding the simultaneous elections to both Lok Sabha and state Assemblies, Rajinikanth too joined t..Read More
Former VP Hamid Ansari Opposes Simultaneous Polls
Hamid Ansari, the former vice-president, has opposed the proposal of simultaneously holding the Assembly and Lok Sabha polls. He also labelled the t..Read More
Former Rajya Sabha MP Suggests Verification of Politicians through Aadhar Card
Ambeth Rajan, the former MP from Rajya Sabha, has urged the Election Commission to verify the political parties' members through Aadhar Card. He..Read More
ECI Passes Order of Removal of Madhya Pradesh CEO
The ECI (Election Commission of India) has passed the order of transfer of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Madhya Pradesh, Saleena Singh. Saleena, ..Read More
Telangana: Election Commissioner Reviews Production of VVPATs and EVMs
Ashok Lavasa, the Election Commissioner of Telangana, yesterday visited the ECIL (Electronics Corporation of India Limited) to review the production..Read More
Kalia: New Employment Promise to Youth is a Cruel Joke
State Health and Family Welfare Minister Brahm Mohindra made a promise to provide private and government jobs for young people that have given up dr..Read More
Congress Rejects Simultaneous Polls
Congress yesterday rejected the proposal of simultaneously holding the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls, going against the grain when the proposal is ge..Read More
JD(U) to Go Solo in Upcoming Polls
According to the latest announcement by the Janata Dal (United), the party is going to contest alone in the upcoming polls of state assembles in Raj..Read More
SC Asks Gujarat HC to Not Proceed on Petition against Patel's Election
The petition filed against Congress leader Ahmed Patel by the BJP leader Balwantsingh Rajput, which challenges Patel's election to Rajya Sabha, ..Read More
AIMIM Preparing Early for Polls
Expecting an early election in Hyderabad, Asaduddin Owaisi, the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief, has stepped up its party's promotion..Read More
A Mix Reaction of Parties on Simultaneous Polls
On Sunday, Janata Dal United (JDU) announced that it was in favour of holding simultaneous polls to both state Assemblies and Lok Sabha. However, th..Read More
Paswan Labels Himself Cementing Force in NDA
Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) chief Ram Vilas Paswan has called himself the cementing force in the ruling NDA in Bihar. He said that “So far, the ..Read More
EC Can Hold Simultaneous Polls for Lok Sabha and State Assemblies
Experts are unclear whether the Election Commission of India (ECI) would hold simultaneous polls to Assemblies of the states, which have their terms..Read More
SC to Pass Order on WB EC on 6 August
The Supreme Court has questioned the flip-flop move of West Bengal State Election Commission. The Commission first announced the extending of the de..Read More

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Ramnath Kovind 14th President of India

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Ramnath Kovind 14th President of India

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Ramnath Kovind 14th President of India

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